What Coaches are saying about soccercoachTV

I have had the rare opportunity to learn firsthand from Coach Green, both as a player and then as his Assistant Coach. Shaun is one of the games true innovators, a master teacher of the game at every level. I am lucky to have had such a highly skilled mentor in the game; I attribute a lot of my own coaching success, to influence Coach Green had on me. Any coach who has a chance to learn from Shaun, should jump at it. The website he created is that portal, it is that chance to learn 1 on 1 with one of best soccer educators in the world. I will be member without a doubt!

Marcus DiBernardo, 2010 & 2018 National College Coach of the Year, Professional European Soccer Writer Over 65+ Soccer Books Published on Amazon.com, Owner “Soccersmarttraining.com” – worlds only online cognitive soccer instructors course.

Shaun’s videos and session plans are an excellent resource. I’ve taken sessions and adapted them for my own players on several occasions and the boys have always enjoyed them! Keep up the good work coach!!

Richard Lamprell

SoccerCoachTV is by far the most incredible coaching tool I have ever seen in my 20 years coaching youth soccer . A must for any coach who wants to take there team to the next level . Coach Shaun Green is one of the true greats in the game and I am always excited to see what he comes up with next !

Coach Mark Dutton, NJ ODP Coach, DOC FC Berna

When I started coaching, I only had my experience as a former player, and I started following Shaun Green and SoccerCoachTV. I found on his YouTube channel a great tool to help me applying my experience as a player into coaching. His approach and explanations are greatly helpful, helping thousands of coaches all over the world improving the game. Thanks Shaun for taking the time to help coaches worldwide and for being always available to listen your followers."

Filipe Oliveira, Founder of Canadian Soccer Coaches Network.

"I am really inspired by what Shaun and SoccerCoachTV have done. This is how I want to motivate, mentor, teach young players on the field. Continue your amazing work."

Carl Vigneault

He is my favorite coach, I love all of his activities, I'm a soccer coach too, and I'm always learning from him.

Jorge Trinidad

SoccerCoachTV not only does a fantastic job demonstrating activities and drills, but also does a great job showing how a coach should interact with his/her players during a training session.

Luke Albertini

Wow great training.

Faheem gul Trangfa

Fun engaging and educational, SoccerCoachTV is a MUST for any coach of any level.

Michael Birkett

SoccerCoach TV is my go to place for drills. Not only a fantastic place to learn new drills and coaching ideas, but what I really enjoy is the little nuggets of knowledge I gain from watching Coach Shaun Green.

Gareth Horrocks

"Shaun Green's SoccerCoachTV videos are my own personal favorite, bar none. They are realistic, well-organized, and insightful. You get the feeling of being down on the pitch, right in the middle of the coaching session, taking it all in.

Don Herlan, creator of Smedley's Soccer Site

Great Coach!.

Adrian Doan