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Professor, Shaun Green is one of the most watched and recognized soccer coaches in the world. He is a major influencer of online coaching education worldwide. He is an innovator and pioneer when it comes to soccer education and is one of the most experienced coaches in the USA, having served as a head coach at the NCAA Division One Collegiate level for over 35 years.

In 1997, Shaun developed and launched SoccerClinics.com, the first ever soccer coaching website on the internet. Since then it has grown into one of the most comprehensive and popular coaching resources, used by coaches in over 107 countries. He is one of the most watched soccer coaches in the world on his SoccerCoachTV YouTube Channel, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. He has a deep passion for online soccer education and he has impacted coaches on all levels with his coaching methods and enthusiam. When it comes to online education, few coaches have impacted the soccer global landscape like Coach Green. His coaching style is Fun, Innovative and Motivational.

Multi Media CD-ROMS.

In the mid 80's, as computer usage became more common, Coach Green set to work on developing the first ever coaching CD-ROM for soccer. Shaun was the first to develop and use animation for soccer. In 1986, he produced the “Skills and Drills” CD.
It was cutting edge for its time by providing youth clubs and coaches with a progressive and comprehensive coaching curriculum. The program featured the first animation program for sports education. In the pursuing years he years he designed and developed six more instructional CD’s including;

1988 Developed Soccer Made Easy "PREMIER" CD-ROM
Soccer Made Easy PREMIER was designed to bring the latest information in Team Tactics, Warm Ups, Nutrition, Physiology, Fitness and much, much more. There are over 600 printable pages for coaches take right to practice.

1990 Developed The “After Practice Experience" CD-ROM
The "After Practice Experience" CD-ROM was designed specifically for players. The program provides players with everything they need to know regarding Skills, Tactical tips, Fitness, Nutrition and Game Day Preparation and much more. The "After Practice Experience" was designed to reinforce all the important topics a coach teaches throughout the season.

1992 Developed "Passing Made Easy" CD-ROM
Passing Made Easy represented the most comprehensive collection of animated passing practices ever assembled.

1993 Developed "Scouting the Opposition" CD-ROM
Scouting the Opposition CD-ROM is the perfect tool to assist you when analyzing your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. The content covers; Team Shape, Attacking Tendencies, Defensive Tendencies, Strengths and Weaknesses, Psychological Factors, Physical Traits, Practical Tips, Scouting Check List and Scouting Forms. The Scouting the Opposition CD content was written by Dan Gaspar.

1995 Developed "Goalkeeper Trainer" CD-ROM
The Goalkeeper Trainer CD-ROM is the most practical goalkeeper training software you will find anywhere. The program features over 40 animated goalkeeping drills you to watch, print and take right to practice or use for training handouts. There are five sections on Diving, Ball Handling, Shot Stopping, Footwork and Fitness. It’s like having your own goalkeeper coach right at home.

1998 Developed The "Soccer Drill Maker" CD-ROM
The Drill Maker software was the first program that allowed coaches to create quality custom designed diagrams and drills that look professional. Coaches could create and save their own Drills, Free Kicks, Corner Kicks, Throw In's, Line-up's and much more. Drill Maker provided a variety of Quality Fields, Backgrounds, Variety of Players, Balls, Cones, Corner Flags, Directional Arrows, and much more.

2002 Developed "The World Youth Training Program" CD_ROM
The World Youth Training Program was specifically designed to provide youth clubs and coaches with a progressive and comprehensive coaching curriculum. Each practice is fully animated and uses drills and games performed by top coaches worldwide. No other software program lays out the entire season, step by step, in such an easy to understand format.

Coaching Books.

1995 to Present - Soccer Made Easy Coaching Books
In addition to Coach Greens Internet Coaching Initiative, he also authored an extensive product line of soccer coaching books. The books were internationally published through Reedswain and include the following titles; Coaching Players Age 5 to 8, Coaching Players Age 9 to 12, Coaching Players Age 13 to 16, Coaching Goalkeepers. All of his books were sold in nationally recognized stores such as Barnes and Nobles and Borders.

Websites and Coaches Association

Recognizing the need to provide quality soccer education to coaches worldwide, Shaun Green launched SoccerClinics.com on February 6th, 1997. The website was the first on the world wide web, designed specifically for soccer coaching education.
At the time, SoccerClinics.com was a pioneer for distance learning in soccer. On April 30th, 2003 he launched the “International Coaches Association”. The ICA has registered and certified thousands of coaches online in over 110 countries.

Curriculum Development

Professor Green has developed coaching curriculums for numerous coaching education companies and national camp programs such as The Irish FA, Skyhawks Summer Camps, Eurotech Soccer Camps, Challenger, St Vincent Soccer Federation and many more.

In 2005, Professor Green helped develop and produce a comprehensive online coaching certification website for the National Alliance of Youth Sports. The National Alliance for Youth Sports is a membership organization and the most widely used volunteer coach training program in the nation, having trained more than 2 million coaches since its inception in 1981. More than 2,600 community-based agencies and organizations have access to the program. Professor Green developed online instruction website for soccer, football, Baseball, Flag Football, T-Ball, Softball, Cheerleading, Basketball, Volleyball, Ice Hockey and Inline Hockey.

Producer and Host

In 2015, Shaun Green produced and hosted “The Coach Show”. The Coach Show is an educational show and the first show of its kind for soccer coaches worldwide. The online show featured coaching personalities, opinions and highlighted soccer environments. Guests included experts such as Dan Gaspar (Portugal National Team Staff- South Africa 2010 World Cup) Nigel Worthington (Northern Ireland Manager), Lenny Tsantiris (UCONN Women’s Soccer Coach), Chris Bart-Williams (Former Captain of Nottingham Forest FC and England) Martin Jacobson (Martin Luther King High School, NY City), Aaron Callaghan (Founder - Irish Coaches Association and Uefa Pro Coach), Dave Vaudreuil (Former Pro Players – Major League Soccer, USA) Austin Daniels (Arizona Director of Coaching) Stephen Rea (Freelance writer and Author) and much, much more.

SoccerCoachTV YouTube Channel

Shaun Green launched the SoccerCoachTV Youtube Channel in 2012. Since then it has become one of the most watched Soccer Educational resources and has inspired coaches worldwide. SoccerCoachTV has over 54 million views. The channel provides soccer coaches with instructional ideas for practices and methodology for all levels of ability. In 2018, SoccerCoachTV received the prestigious "Silver Creators Award" for obtaining the incredible milestone of over 100,000 subscribers.

NCAA Division One Coach

Coach Green is a tenured Professor and one of the most experienced coaches in the USA, having served as a head coach at the NCAA Division One level for over 35 years. During his tenure as a collegiate coach he has developed players for the professional ranks, in addition to All American selections and numerious All Conference players. Coach Green was named the Northeast Conference Coach of the Year in 2003, 2011 and 2013. He was inducted into the Connecticut “Soccer Hall of Fame” in 2014. Green is the former Director of Coaching in Connecticut for the National Soccer Coaches of America (NSCAA) and has also served as the head coach of the Connecticut U-17 Olympic Development Team, which he led to the Region I Championship. He is currently the president of the International Coaches Association and formally served on the NCAA National Rankings committee, served as chairman of the NSCAA Regional Ranking Committee and chairman of the NEC Coaches' Committee.

In 2019, won the US Club Soccer Connecticut State Cup and qualified for the National Championship.
In 2018, won the Connecticut League championship. Advanced to Regionals.
In 2017, won the Connecticut League championship. Advanced to Regionals.
In 2016, won the New England Premiership Connecticut State Cup and were “Runner Up” for the National Championship.
In 2015, won the New England Premier League Regular Season and Tournament Championship.

Coaching Awards and Miscellaneous

2014  Inducted into the Connecticut Soccer Hall of Fame, USA.
2013  Voted Northeast Conference “Coach of the Year”.
2013  Reached a milestone in college career with 250 NCAA Division One Wins.
2013  Selected to coach the New England NCAA Division One All Star Team vs NCAA Division Two Team.
2011  Voted Northeast Conference “Coach of the Year”.
2003  Voted Northeast Conference “Coach of the Year”.
2007  Awarded the "Bob Casey Courage Award" by the Connecticut Sports Writer Alliance.
1979  Assistant Coach, Brown University, Ivy League, NCAA Division One, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.
1986 – Present, Member of the American Association of University Professors.
1985- Present, Member of the United Coaches Association.
2013 to 2017, Served as Director of Soccer for the Bridgton Sports Academy, Maine. Responsible for curriculum development, supervision of coaching staff and campers. BSC is one of the premier boys sports camps in the USA.
1991, Received tenure at University.
2018, Promoted to "Full Professor".
Coach Green, has achieved coaching licenses with the United Coaches Assocation, the United States Soccer Federation and the English Football Association.
He is a 1985 graduate of Davis & Elkins College, West Virginia, USA.


Attended 10-day Vipassana Meditation and Mindfulness Retreat. Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation. It was taught in India more than 2500 years ago as a universal remedy for universal ills, The technique of Vipassana Meditation is taught at a ten-day residential courses during which participants learn the basics of the method, and practice sufficiently to experience its beneficial results. Student meditate for 10 hours per day for 10 straight days. Professor Green has taught meditation techniques to athletes in the USA, Puerto Rico and Barbados.

I have had the rare opportunity to learn firsthand from Coach Green, both as a player and then as his Assistant Coach. Shaun is one of the games true innovators, a master teacher of the game at every level. I am lucky to have had such a highly skilled mentor in the game; I attribute a lot of my own coaching success, to influence Coach Green had on me. Any coach who has a chance to learn from Shaun, should jump at it. The website he created is that portal, it is that chance to learn 1 on 1 with one of best soccer educators in the world. I will be member without a doubt!

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