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Inside the Practice session

This Game is designed to improve the speed of each players one touch play and decision making when passing.

Coaching Points:
Place four players on the outside of the playing area as supporting players. They are restricted to the outside of the field. Position 2 goalkeepers in goal and 3 v3 inside the field of play.

The objective of the game is to develop “one touch” passing as quickly as possible. The practice starts with a “2 touch” condition. The condition is replaced to “1 touch” as soon as there is a tempo to the practice. The 3 players in possession may use the four outside players and goalkeepers to keep possession. The 3 defenders must win the ball and find an outside player, if they do, they become the possessing team. Rotate teams frequently.

The supporting player should ask themselves two questions when supporting the player in possession:
• How wide can I get to give the best possible passing lane?
• How far from the player can I get to give the maximum time on the ball when the pass is received?

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