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Inside the Practice session

This practice is designed to develop good ball possession in tight areas. An emphasis is placed on “disguise, pace, accuracy, timing and penetration”.

Coaching Points:
Use two connecting grids, each approximately 10 yards by 20 yards. There are five attacking players and one defender.
Place four attackers on the perimeter of one of the grids. Position the defender inside the same grid. Position one attacker (target man) on the end-line of the opposite grid (see diagram above). Identify defender by using colored bib.

Rules of the Practice:
The four attacking players attempt to keep possession from the defender and obtain 6 consecutive passes. After making 6 passes the players must pass the ball forward to the "target man" at the end-line of the opposite grid.

Once the ball has been played to the target man, players 1, 3 and 4 moves to the opposite grid to support the target man.
The defender follows the play and attempts to win the ball in the opposite grid. Player 2 now becomes the new target man. After obtaining 6 passes the ball is switched back to the original grid. The practice is repeated in this fashion.

Players in possession are awarded one goal for each time they find the target man. Rotate working defender frequently to ensure high pressure. Rotate players so each player performs the role of the target man.

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