USA 2v1 Shooting Drill
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Inside the Practice session

This is a great shooting game to improve quick transition in a 2v1 attack.

Coaching Points:
Divide your players into three groups (two groups wearing game color). Play on an area approximately 30 yards by 20 yards. Use 2 goals.


1. The practice starts with a player from group “B” playing a pass to the player at the cone in front of them. The receiving player turns with the ball and attacks the goal to score. Immediately after they shoot, they must turn around and defend the two attacking players from group “A & B”.
2. The attack from the wide players starts with the ball being past to the other side first.
3. The exercise is then repeated. Rotate groups regularly. Keep score and make it a competition.

Emphasize the following:

• Attack with game speed mentality, “need for speed”.
• Use a variety of dribbling moves when attacking 1v1, change of speed and direction.
• Commit the defender before passing the ball in a 2v1 and 3v2 situation.

Encourage defenders to defending with tenacity to make it challenging for the attacking player to shoot.

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