Inside the Practice

This is a short 4 minute warm dynamic warm up.
This warm up can be used for a “substitution warm up”.

Coaching Points:
Dynamic Stretches: Start with a slow jog.
1. Forward Skips.
2. Backwards Skips.
3. High Kicks.
4. Groin stretch inside (close the gate).
5. Groin stretch outside (open the gate).
6. High Kicks across body.
7. Sideways – In and Outs.
8. Forward Zig Zags.
9. Backwards Zig Zags Field Preparation: Area 10 yards x 10 yards, Cones.

Field Organization

  • Practice Area: 10 x 10 Yards
  • Equipment: Pinnies, Cones
  • Skill Level: All Age Groups
  • Clipboard: Print for Practice