the main reasons why teams concede goals:

Competitive soccer is quick and physical and tactics can change from game to game, from high pressure defending to man for man marking. Even the most technically gifted of players have to be able to defend and handle themselves during games.
No longer are fullbacks and midfield players the only ones required to defend, demands on forwards to close down opponents is also part of today's game. Regardless of position, every player should display absolute determination and offer the strongest possible opposition when they are defending.

  • Lack of Pressure: Lack of pressure on the man with the ball: failing to close down forward passing and shooting angles, allowing the opponent to play with their head up
  • Lack of Support: Lack of support for the challenging player: allowing one v one situations without good cover, playing too flat and with no depth.
  • Failure to Track Players: Failure to follow players: letting opponents get goal-side of their markers.
  • Poor Technique: Giving the ball away: lack of concentration, carelessness, and poor technique.
  • Set Plays: Set plays and restarts: conceding goals from corners, free kicks, throw-in's, 40% of goals are scored from set plays.