Inside the Practice

This warm up is designed to incorporate both dynamic stretching and technique work.

Coaching Pointers: Set up and several lines of cones. Set up marker cones on each side 10 yards from the middle cones. Place a line of balls between the marker cones (as in the diagram above). The players will perform a variety of dynamic stretches at the navigate through the center cones. Cone the coaches command they move to the outside balls and pass with a partner.

Dynamic Stretches through Cones:
1. Warm Up Jog
2. Sky Stretch
3. Lunges
4. Side Steps
5. Carioca’s
6. Zig Zag Forward
7. Zig Zag Sideways
8. Zig Zag Backwards (chest above knees)
9. Bunny Hops
10. Rainbows
11. Groin stretch inside (Close the gate)
12. Groin stretch outside (open the gate)

Technique Work:
1. 1 yard speed passing with partner.
2. 2 yard speed passing with partner.
3. 1 yard apart, partner serves for player to volley back.
4. 1 yard apart, partner serves for player to chest and volley back.
5. 1 yard apart, partner taps ball, jockeys backwards to head a served ball from their partner.

Field Organization

  • Practice Area: 30 x 30 Yards
  • Equipment: Balls, Large supply of Cones.
  • Skill Level: intermediateto Advanced.
  • Clipboard: Print for Practice