Inside the Practice

This is another variation of an alternating warm up. It is designed to incorporate both dynamic stretching and technique work.

Coaching Pointers:
Set up and area 20 x 20 yards. Using cones, divide the area into two half’s. divide your players into two equal group. On group will perform technique work and the other group will focus on technical work. Group change every 2 minutes. The players will perform a variety of dynamic stretches and the navigate through the center cones. Cone the coaches command they move to the outside balls and pass with a partner.

Dynamic Stretches through Cones:
1. Warm Up Jog
2. Sky Stretch
3. Lunges
4. Side Steps
5. Carioca’s
6. Zig Zag Forward
7. Zig Zag Sideways
8. Zig Zag Backwards (chest above knees)
9. Bunny Hops
10. Rainbows
11. Groin stretch inside (Close the gate)
12. Groin stretch outside (open the gate)

Technique Work:
1. Pass and Follow
2. Pass "One Touch" Follow
3. Pass "Two Touch" Follow
4. "Give and Go "One Touch"
5. Double "Give and Go"
6. Dribble and Take Over
7. Dribble with Pace
8. 2 Yard Rapid Passing

The pace starts slowly but must be increased to a "flat out" effort as quickly as possible.

Look for leadership in your group warm ups. See what players are motivating others during the warm up.

Field Organization

  • Practice Area: 20 x 20 Yards.
  • Equipment: Balls, Cones
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced.
  • Clipboard: Print for Practice