Inside the Practice

Benfica Pregame Goalkeeper Warm Up.

Selection of Warm Up Exercises.

Intermittent dynamic stretching and ball work.

One keeper stretch, one keeper focuses on footwork. Dynamic Stretches: Heel Touches, Knee Touches, Knee and Heel Touches, Arms back, front and clap, Side Step Forward, High Kicks, Trunk Twists, Carioca.

Ball Warm Up:

1. Ball played to feet, short passes.
2. Ball served to chest height.
3. Ball served to chest height with side steps.
4. Ball served to chest height with keeper starting sideways.
5. Ball served hard on ground for keeper to scoop.
6. Keeper lays on ground, ball served to one side.
7. Rapid series of 6 shots taken at keeper.

This is followed by more individual static stretching.

Field Organization

  • Practice Area: Penalty Area.
  • Equipment: Balls, Cones.
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced.
  • Clipboard: Print for Practice