Inside the Practice

This is a fun game to incorporate into your warm up or warm down activity. It also develops quick thinking, timing and coordination.

Coaching Pointers:
The coach should stand in a position so the entire group can see him clearly.

The Rule: If the coach says "Do this" the group does not react. If the coach says "Do that" then the players must instantly mimic the coaches movement. The coach should be creative and perform a variety of different moves such as;
•Both arms out to the side.
•Both arms out to the front.
•Kneel on one leg, both legs.
•Sit down.
•Stand up.
•Move a finger, elbow, etc.
•Make up your own moves.

Any player who moves when they shouldn't can either;
•Sprint around a cone.
•Do an exercise. •or sit out until there is a champion of the game

Field Oraganization

  • Practice Area: 10 x 10 Yards
  • Equipment: Pinnies, Cones
  • Skill Level: All Age Groups
  • Clipboard: Print for Practice