Inside the Practice

This is a fun warm activity that players thoroughly enjoy playing. Its primary purpose is to create a fun upbeat mood to the start of the practice session, but it also helps improve each players quickness of recreation.

Coaching Pointers:
Make an area approximately 20x20 yards. Place your entire group inside of the area. Each play has a cone in their hand. The players start the exercise by jogging around the area. One the coach’s command, they players throw their cone in the air as high as they can, can then sprint to pick up a different cone. After they pick up the cone they must sprint outside the area. The object is not to be the last player out of the area carrying a cone.

Field Oraganization

  • Practice Area: 25 x 25 Yards
  • Equipment: Cone each player.
  • Skill Level: All Age Groups
  • Clipboard: Print for Practice