Inside the Practice

This warm up involves Dynamic Stretching and Ball Work.

Coaching Points:
Divide your group into pairs, one ball per pair. Set up small squares proximately 2x2 yards. The group will alternate between ball work and dynamic stretching. The transition must be high paced.

Working in pairs:

1. Speed Passing (1-2 yards apart).
2. Volley Passes.
3. Control on the Thigh then Volley Back.
4. Zig Zag Forwards and Backwards around cones.
5. Side Skips to opposite end and back, repeat Speed Passing.
6. High Kick stretches.
7. Speed Passing (1-2 yards apart).
8. Control on the Chest then Volley Back.
9. Tap the ball, shuffle backwards, then jump up to head the ball back.
10. Play ball through the players open legs, player turns and sprints after the ball.
11. Knee Slap Game.

Field Organization

  • Practice Area: 30 x 30 Yards
  • Equipment: Balls, Pinnies, Cones.
  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced.
  • Clipboard: Print for Practice