Inside the Practice

This is a great drill to help improve each players “speed of reaction”.

Coaching Pointers:
Divide your team into two groups and position them as in the diagram above. The practice starts with 2 players stepping up to the cones. One side is designated as the starting sided (that means they decide when to sprint). Players pass the ball back and forth until the starting player passes a soft pass using his “Left foot”. On that queue, the player sprints to either side and through the flag poles. His partner has to read the correct side and try to beat him past the end line. Resting players must step up and keep the passing tempo going quickly. Only take 3-4 passes before sprinting.

Field Organization

  • Practice Area: 10 x 50 Yards
  • Equipment: Cones, Pinnies.
  • Skill Level:Intermediate to Advanced
  • Clipboard: Print for Practice