Inside the Practice

This is a great warm up activity that involves passing, running with the ball and peripheral vision.

Coaching Points:
Using cones, set up an area of 5x5 yard squares.
Divide your group into pairs, with one ball per pair. Players in pairs are numbered player “1” and player “2”.
The practice begins with two players per square passing the ball back and forth.

When the coach shouts out number 1 or 2, that player performs the following:
• The player must run without the ball and find a new player to pass with.
• The player must run with the ball to a different square.
• Both players travel with the ball to a new square, cannot be the next square.
• Player perform the “10 pass drill”.

In between ball work the players perform the following Dynamic Stretches:
1. High Kicks.
2. Hamstring Stretch.
3. Zig Zags.
4. Groin stretch (close the gate).
5. Groin stretch (open the gate).
6. On coach’s command player must go under their partners legs.

Field Oraganization

  • Practice Area: 5 x 5 yard squares.
  • Equipment: Pinnies, Balls, Cones.
  • Skill Level: All Age Groups
  • Clipboard: Print for Practice