Inside the Practice

This Chelsea warm up involves Dynamic Stretching and Ball Work.

Coaching Points:
The group will alternate between ball work and dynamic stretching. The transition must be high paced.

Warm Up Sequence:
1. Players dribble around the square with ball.
2. Players perform Trunk Twists.
3. Players throw up the ball and catch it. Try to catch the ball with feet off the ground.
4. Players exchange the ball while moving around the square.
5. Players perform Cresent Kick stretches. Outside and inside.
6. Players perform Toe Taps to ball.
7. Two players hold ball and perform Squats.
8. Players throw ball to open player and sprint around any cone.
9. One Bounce Volley game and sprint around any cone. Start with one ball, then add a second.
10. Players perform Resistance Sprints Shoulder to Shoulder.
11. Players perform Resistance Sprints Back to Back.
12. Players perform Resistance Sprints One Pushes, Turns and Sprints, partner must catch them.

Field Oraganization

  • Practice Area: 20 x 20 Yards
  • Equipment: Pinnies, Cones, Balls.
  • Skill Level: All Age Groups
  • Clipboard: Print for Practice