Inside the Practice

The Watford Circle warm up emphasizes a variety of dynamic stretching.

Mark a circle with cones approximately 20 yards in diameter.

Warm Up Sequence:
• Start with a slow jog around the circle.
• Players perform High Kicks.
• Players perform High Kicks with a Trunk Twist.
• Players Jog into center, jump up and give a team mate a high five.
• Players perform Groin Stretch – Open the Gate.
• Players perform Groin Stretch – Close the Gate.
• Players Jog into center, jump up shoulder to shoulder with a team mate.
• Players perform Forward and Backward Skips.
• Players perform Rainbows.
• Players jump forward, then backwards and sprint to center.
• Players perform Bunny Hops then sprint to center.
• Players perform head fakes (side on stance) then sprint to center.

Field Organization

  • Practice Area: 20 Yards Diameter Circle.
  • Equipment: Cones
  • Skill Level: All Age Groups
  • Clipboard: Print for Practice